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Creates an effect from a complied shader blob in memory.

HRESULT WINAPI D3DX11CreateEffectFromMemory(
   _In_reads_bytes_(DataLength) LPCVOID pData,
   _In_ SIZE_T DataLength,
   _In_ UINT FXFlags,
   _In_ ID3D11Device *pDevice,
   _Outptr_ ID3DX11Effect **ppEffect,
   _In_opt_z_ LPCSTR srcName = nullptr );


pData, DataLength: Pointer to memory buffer containing the compiled shader blob (should have been compiled using the fx_5_0 profile).

FXFlags: Same as D3DCompile Flags2. See D3DCOMPILE_EFFECT constants.

pDevice: Direct3D device for creating rendering resources and modifying state

ppEffect: Pointer to the newly created effect instance.

srcName: Optional source name used for 'debug object naming'


This is signature compatible with the original D3DX11CreateEffectFromMemory

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