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November 30, 2015 (11.15)
  • Updated for VS 2015 Update 1 and Windows 10 SDK (10586)

July 29, 2015 (11.14)
  • Updated for VS 2015 and Windows 10 SDK RTM
  • Retired VS 2010 projects

June 17, 2015 (11.13)
  • Fix for Get/SetFloatVectorArray with an offset

April 14, 2015 (11.12)
  • More updates for VS 2015

November 24, 2014 (11.11)
  • Updates for Visual Studio 2015 Technical Preview

July 15, 2014 (11.10)
  • Minor code review fixes

January 24, 2014 (11.09)
  • VS 2010 projects now require Windows 8.1 SDK
  • Added pragma for needed libs to public header
  • Minor code cleanup

October 21, 2013 (11.08)
  • Updated for Visual Studio 2013 and Windows 8.1 SDK RTM

July 16, 2013 (11.07)
  • Added VS 2013 Preview project files
  • Cleaned up project files
  • Fixed a number of /analyze issues

June 13, 2013 (11.06)
  • Added GetMatrixPointerArray, GetMatrixTransposePointerArray, SetMatrixPointerArray, SetMatrixTransposePointerArray methods
  • Reverted back to BOOL in some cases because sizeof(bool)==1, sizeof(BOOL)==4
  • Some code-cleanup: minor SAL fix, removed bad assert, and added use of override keyword

February 22, 2013 (11.05)
  • Cleaned up some warning level 4 warnings

November 6, 2012 (11.04)
  • Added IUnknown as a base class for all Effects 11 interfaces to simplify use in managed interop sceanrios, although the lifetime for these objects is still based on the lifetime of the parent ID3DX11Effect object. Therefore reference counting is ignored for these interfaces.
    • ID3DX11EffectType, ID3DX11EffectVariable and derived classes, ID3DX11EffectPass, ID3DX11EffectTechnique, and ID3DX11EffectGroup

October 24, 2012 (11.03)
  • Removed the dependency on the D3DX11 headers, so FX11 no longer requires the legacy DirectX SDK to build. It does require the d3dcompiler.h header from either the Windows 8.0 SDK or from the legacy DirectX SDK
  • Removed references to D3D10 constants and interfaces
  • Deleted the d3dx11dbg.cpp and d3dx11dbg.h files
  • Deleted the D3DX11_EFFECT_PASS flags which were never implemented
  • General C++ code cleanups (nullptr, C++ style casting, stdint.h types, Safer CRT, etc.) which are compatible with Visual C++ 2010 and 2012
  • SAL2 annotation and /analyze cleanup
  • Added population of Direct3D debug names for object naming support in PIX and the SDK debug layer; added additional optional parameter to D3DX11CreateEffectFromMemory to provide a debug name
  • Added D3DX11CreateEffectFromFile, D3DX11CompileEffectFromMemory, and D3DX11CompileEffectFromFile

June 2010 (11.02)
The DirectX SDK (June 2010) included an update with some minor additional bug fixes. This also included the Effects 11-based sample DynamicShaderLinkageFX11. This is the last version to support Visual Studio 2008. The source code is located in Samples\C++\Effects11.

February 2010 (11.01)
An update was shipped with the DirectX SDK (February 2010). This fixed a problem with the library which prevented it from working correctly on 9.x and 10.x feature levels. This is the last version to support Visual Studio 2005. The source code is located in Samples\C++\Effects11.

August 2009 (11.00)
The initial release of Effects 11 (FX11) was in the DirectX SDK (August 2009). The source code is located in Utilities\Source\Effects11. This is essentially the Effects 10 (FX10) system ported to Direct3D 11.0 with support for effects pools removed and support for groups added.

Effects 10 (FX10)
The Effects system for Direct3D 10.0 shipped built into the Windows Vista OS. It was updated for Direct3D 10.1 with Windows Vista Service Pack 1. This makes use of the fx_4_0 and fx_4_1 HLSL shader compiler profiles. Note that Effects for Direct3D 10.1 does not support texture cubemap arrays.

Effects 9 (FX9)
The Effects system for Direct3D 9 shipped in the now deprecated D3DX9 library as part of the legacy DirectX SDK. The last release of this version shipped in D3DX9_43.DLL in the DirectX SDK (June 2010). It makes use of the fx_2_0 HLSL shader compiler profiles.

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